I agree again…I’m having really good luck. How is possible that, in less than 20 minutes in he Dubeau hostel, after Larry dropped me off, I could me 4 people witihn 4 steps. Yes, incredible. I can say Violetta was a cool roomie, she went to sleep early because she was taking the greyhound really early in the morning, but we went with Gabin (the front desk guy) to pick up another guy in the greyhound station. We drove in a pink Monterey won somewhere and owned by Lisa (the owner of the hostel). Gabin offered me to go party that night, but it was not a good idea, the next morning I had to hike for several hours….down (easy) and up (horrible ?). I walked with Violetta to the Grand Canyon Hostel to meet Chris, a sweedish guy who I found in couchsurfing.com. I told him about the free hiking pass and ride with Larry (he wanna pay 60 bucks to get there) and he decided to come with me and Taca (another Japanese guy, really funny folk). So the next morning….HIKING TEHE GRAND CANYON!!! First we went to the turistic part and afterwards: heading to the Bright Angel Trail, where we spent most of the day. Going down is funny, fast….but u are thikning while u are going down how it will be the way up…Chris and I decided to stop after 2 hours and something, and Taca continued. Larry continued and was going faster than us at the beginning, so we missed him after 10 minutes.
As I told u before…hiking the Grand Canyon, one of the 7 natural wonders of this world is WONDERFUL. And it’s different, normally when u hike a mountain u are happy when u arrive at the highest point…this is the opposite!! U are happy when u are heading the bottom!!we couldn’t do it, it was so tough, and I couldn’t stop thinking how will be going up, so we stopped (with Chris) and enjoyed the views, breathing the fresh air and feeling the moment….!! Going up….hard! but it was a challenge!!! After 3.30h we got the turistic area again, we rested for a while until Larry and Taca came again…good experience, but I was so tired and just wanted a shower!! In the afternoon-night it’s colder, so the cold shower i wanted at the beginning I didn’t need it anymore: just hot and relaxing shower.
Coming back from the Grand Canyon, we took the east exit, which is a little bit longer, but much beatiful. You can see another Grand Canyon view, another prespective, and see the wildest part of it, because not so many people there… When we got the exit, the countryside changed, we were in the road, with the Little Colorado river next to us and the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen in Arizona…I don’t know the name of that place, something Millers, but It was incredible, natural….the Navajoh reservation!! They had a really good taste choosing the places to stay! Amazing…We stopped in a convenience store to eat something and drove back to Flagstaff, the city I’m in love with!! We could see the snow mountain but it took a couple of hours to get there.
Once there, eat something in the hostel, and take a shower, a little nap and at midnight….heading to Montevista club, with Gabin, Marcos, Amélie and Meera. Cool night too!! That afternoon, when I was having my dinner, I talked with Ivan, he offered me to go to Jerome (it was on my plans) and I had to choose: Car or motorbike….willing to feel the American spirit…I chose motorbike!! So here it was!! The next day I’d be sleeping at Darcy’s, one couchsurfing girl, so I had to prepare my backpack again that night to sleep a little bit more in the morning (after hiking the grand canyon and going out….) it was almost an obligation !!

See u tomorrow then!