Okay, i’’m late…i took a shower after my checkout…those people are amazing!! I had breakfast and before leaving, I was drinking Mate with Ivan (a50 something year old guy from Argentina) and talking with J.P (jean Phillippe, from Québec, they were going to spend the night in the grand canyon and we were talking a little bit about going up…harder!!)

I saw the motorbike: an orange one!! That was cool!! Ivan told me that it fits perfect with my hair and I should go with Merik to latin america with it! Jeje I’d love it, he’s a cute guy!! And from north carolina!!

However, we started our trip and it was more than awesome…i could smell the pinetrees around and it remembered going up to Vallvidera with Fer’s motorbike. We enjoyed the landscape and when we got Sedona and took a small shortcut to head up to the cathedral….it was like in the middle of nowhere.We talked for a while and we went to Jerome, the Italy of the US, it was like the Toscany!! Getting the 89A to the top, and from there….u feel u can own everything. Everything was perfect, the conversation, the view..everything but a bee sting my finger and it was swollen….horrible!! 2 days with a swollen finger! But now it’s okay!!

When we got home again, Amélie was preparing Borguinyon for everyone who wanted, so I decided to cook a tortilla de patatas, which it was completely tasteful and everyone enjoyed!!
After Merik drove me to Darcy, he was kind of scared because he thought darsy was not a trusty girl, but she was, she was a cool girl!! I met the brother (he was watching Tv) and after 10 minutes we went to bed.

The next day…flagstaff all the day!!! I went to have breakfast with the younger of the family of Dursy. It was interesting….knowing what a 18 years old kid think….after this, i went home, put some ice in my swollen finger and went to the hostell. We went (ivan and me, because marcos was eating lunch)to have a cofee at Macy’s, the european cofee shop next to the hotel. After 1:30 cofee, where I met a really interesting man, Eric, from the US, but he decided to live with 10 bucks per day…imagine…10bucks!! he spend 3 bucks sleeping (settle the tent up and sleep) and live with 7 for one day. (maybe he has a pass and he doesn’t have to pay 3 dollars per day…but who knows…this Eric is amazing… After the cofee, I went to look for Marcos, he told me he wanted to walk with me but I didn’t find him, so I decided to go alone. This city is amazing….it was a concert on the main street, so funny, different kind of people dancing, oldstyle and newstyle clothes and everyone smiling…that was really cool. Maybe because it was Sunday and everyone was ont the street but I guess most of the days it happens the same. 3 hours in the city made me realize that stereotyping is not always good,, but make u realise that when something is different than u expected, it makes u more conscious and it shocks more to you. This is what happened to me in Flagstaff, and it’s what it’s happening to me right now…in San diego (wait for anotther post). One funny thing….I saw one signal that it was really familiar to me…it was in the Lonely Planet!!Route 66 with San Francisco St….wooww!!!i took that picture!! Fagstaff is one stop into the long a traditional route 66 in the US!

I returned to the hostel, Ivan was baking a cake and he told me: tnight ASADO!!! So I went home and wait for the amazing ASADO ARGENTINO!here is where I met Darcy Sulliven, my couchsurfer in Flagstaff, a really hardworker girl, who starts at 6am to serve breakfast and after 6-7 hours she goes to school! (now no school because it’s summer), but we were talking and maybe she’s gonna catch me around the 20th (june) and come with me and travel.

Around 8 we went to the hostel, we met more people, one australian, UK…different people…it was my last night there, so I really enjoyed the moments and the conversations….we ate so much, that Asado was amazing!! And the dessert….mmmm! awesome too!! Darcy left home and I stayed 1.5h more, everyone was there and I was the only who was leaving. Merik drove me home with the pink monterey…i felt like a famous artist, I didn’t want to leave, but i should, my trip was still running….jerome, sedona, flag, these people… I’m planning to come back and visit them again before leaving home. I promise!!

See u in the next post!!