Jumping the Grand CanyonFriends, family, people around the world….

After so much time withouth posting anything by myself, now it’s time to start again expressing everyone what I’m doing or what my feelings are about the things that happen around me.Yes…it’s time to start the adventure again and I’m really excited. Thanks to my coworker who empowered me to continue with this project.

I’m gonna write different languages, I don’t know how i’ll do it in english, because it’s been a while since my last paper or assigment for university. But this can help to the people with an basic level of english and allow them to understand what I’m saying without looking the words up .

I don’t know if you noticed that I changed the name of the blog to the Everywhere Dream (i know it doesn’t sound really good but i didn’t want to change the structure of the sentence).

Instead of the American Dream, I  suggest a new dream, the dream of every place, of every territory, of everywhere. This idea comes to me because of one of my first posts just before going to Texas for college. For  ” The dream of every territory” and of course the comments of one good friend, Andrés.

I’ll be posting about my travels,  new ideas which I find them interesting and about my learning experiences.

I’ll keep it updated! For sure!