here is the fact: 15 hours driving after a weird but funny party….is THOUGH…BUT I DID IT!!

Laura and I left Austin at 6am in the morning and started driving to the west. First, 290 WEAST, stopping in a beautiful city called Fredericksburg, a 1870 german town (as the lonely planet stands for…) and after that….getting INTERSTATE 10 WEST, all the way east to Arizona. We stopped in El Paso, texas, and after that….New Mexico!! I loved it!! the countryside is amazing…and as people told me, in new mexico there’s nothing, but because of this i love it! beautiful countryside!!
When we were driving throught new mexico u see different billboards with a name: THE THING…u can see those billboards for almost 1 hour driving…and when u get to the THING…..well, it’s kind of funny…i’m not gonna tell u what’s the thing because u have to see it! but it’s kind of weird….and it’s only 1 dollar to get there

afterthat we drove all the way to Chandler, where Rosi lives, she’s a love! she hosted me, she prepared me an excellent meal (after eating 2 mcdonalds I needed it) and she offered me a real bed (i know im not gonna sleep in many beds during this trip, only couchs! jeje
today I woke up, after almost 12 hours sleeping and we went to have dinner with more friends from Intel (she works in Intel here) and i think it’s kind of amazing what is she doing…good and long conversation we had yesterday!!

Now I’m talking with everyone to have a place to stay in Flagstaff, Sedona and Phoenix again, and I can say: I LOVE COUCHSURFING!! I Think i’m gonna be like steven (adam’s friend) when he heard it from me….he was surprised, shocked….u can meet awesome people throught it!!

Now rosi is comming, we are going to the mall and best buy (i need a charger for my camera….i forgot it in texas)!!! damm it!!! i need pictures of this amazing trip!!

take care

this is what u find travelling through I-10 west!!! nothing....well, at least they have gas stations....but nothing more!!