friendsBefore or after making a decision on where to travel, depending on so many factors of course, you have to decide the most important question: travel alone or travel with more people.

It’s always a hard decision to say: I’m gonna travel by myself, but what about the question of traveling in group? Sometimes it’s harder, I swear.

There are plenty of different things which can create more confidence between the travelers, but also you can have different objectives of the trips and also more conflicts.

This post is based about some of my past experiences, and i’d like to share with you that it’s so important who are you going with, make sure you know them and check if your personalities fit  together, because if you don’t do that, you’ll have to find other alternatives or decide to go just by yourself (what I did last year for 2 months, meeting people on the road and in different houses)

So, before traveling with a friend, make sure:

  • What is the aim of the trip: sightseeing, relax, partying, museums and architecture, escaping from the big cities and see surroundings. Make sure you know what everyone hope to experience.
  • What is your budget? how many days?  this seems obvious, but it’s super important. It’s crucial to make sure your travel partner has a similar budget and days than you: a taxi is faster than the metro sometimes, and a fast food is faster than a restaurant. Both examples with different prices and more days also increase the prices.
  • What type of personality you guys have: if you are dependent of people, independent or a mix. Sometimes opposites attract, but make sure this is not gonna break any plan in the trip.  I’m not a pro-tests person, but maybe this can help.
  • How social you are? Depending on what activities you wanna do in the trip, or if it’s a trip to a country that you know people, make sure everyone understand what you wanna do and meet. Also, there are so many people traveling alone, would you able to fit them in your plans?
  • How flexible, patiente and tolerant you guys are. Sometimes the route is stablished and your travelling companion doesn’t want to stop and spend more days in one place and you do.
  • How positive and open-minded you guys are.  What happen if your reservation in a hotel is not the one you had, or that you are gonna end sleeping in a bus station somewhere filthy.
  • What facts/actions can end the trip before starting it: make sure that if one of your travel friends decide finally not to join the group, the other people won’t make the same and let you without your holidays. Then you’ll have to change your plans too and if you don’t do it fast, maybe you’ll end at home during

Tip: Having conversations about travel plans before the trip. This can be challenging but you can realize if it’s a good decision to start with the trip and how.

and remember: traveling is like a test for any relationship and a way to discover yourself. You can realize and learn new things and behaviours of people you’ve know your whole live or you are just discovering. Every travel teachs, even you travel with (your)people or alone, so learn a lot and safe trip!