mcdonalds Summer vacations are comming,  people are starting to think about where to go and when (a lot of people have their days off in august, 2 or 3 weeks…) For the ones with a restrictive budget, or people that don’t wanna spend a lot of money travelling and they wanna go to a different country, for travelers, families that wary about the cost of taking a vacation this summer, some economic relief may be in the offing, it’s just checking….thousands of good deals are around!

I wanna share with you what we were talking about with some friends last friday in Sant Cugat. As they are preparing their holidays (which I’m thinking on joining them depending on my family), and we all wanna save money.

We were checking the prices of the possible countries to travel (going to Japan is totally different that spending 20 days in India in terms of money) with the Big Mac Index, a new way that the Economist suggested to measure the purchase power in different parts of the world taking the cost of a BigMac hamburger and the exchange rate of every country.

It’s kind of funny to see the comparison but there are some limitations with this index, as in many countries, eating at international fast-food chains is quite expensive and if you wanna save money it’s better to stop by a local restaurant, and of course, the demand for Big Macs is not that large in countries like India as in the United States.

So, we’ll continue checking what will be the closest and cheapest escape for this summer with this type of tips, the Big Mac index was a good idea, but we need more tips!!

To finish, I truly believe that eating in McDonalds with a small budget and being full is past…it’s time for Dönner Kebabs , althought the ring-shaped pastry + cofee + 30 minutes wifi at McDolands is a really good deal.